Architecture is beautiful.
What will your space be…?



noun: expertise
1. expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.

2. the things I know how to do.

No one understands schedules, budgets, and deadlines like a stagehand.
Curtain is at 7:30. No, we will not hold it.

Most of my projects seem to be unique opportunities that I will not likely get to design again, but could never turn down. From a 9-storey Air Traffic Control Tower to a hangar study for a $1 Billion aircraft program, to advocate architect for an internationally renowned ballet company, to a completely unique 1950s warehouse conversion. Most of my colleagues have a portfolio of schools, healthcare, multi-family housing, or private residences.

What I have learned during a career spent supporting others in their projects — is the best results can be achieved by listening carefully and learning what is important for YOU in this project. Maybe it’s because I don’t do the same project again and again ad nauseam is I’m able to ask the questions others don’t, or approach your project from an oblique angle.

It’s not my design — it’s your building. And that’s how it should be.

Featured Project

The Manitoba Schools Initiative was a project for 4 new schools in remote northern Manitoba by Stantec Architecture. My role as Production Architect/Job Captain was to ensure the team all knew their roles and coordinated their tasks to meet the strict deadline to get the project ready for winter road season.

Project Categories

01 / Arts & Culture

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;

Designing cultural spaces is all about connecting an audience to a performance — whether it’s a stage, gallery or a museum.

The proscenium theatre is still the dominant form of presentation while other forms of immersive spaces (thrust, arena and flexible spaces) fall in and out of favour.

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02 / Aviation Projects

GUMP Check:
Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture & Propeller

Aviation architecture is a fascinating world with precise requirements and broad ideas. The aerodrome is built on multiple scales of aircraft and human movement. It is not unlike watching a carefully choreographed ballet.

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03 / Commercial

You want to love it, but not too much…

Office design is a delicate balance of efficient use of space vs individual comfort and privacy. Now offices need to be prepared for greater cleaning regimines as well as a combination of in-house and remote work configurations.

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04 / Residential

Machines for living?

Residential architecture covers a wide array of spaces and densities. It’s our most personal connection to architecture. We learn to identify what we like and don’t like through the experience of living in designed space.

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