Architecture is hard.
Let’s create some anyway…

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE can help your organization navigate the challenges of architectural projects from early pre-conception through to completion.

01 / Identification

What do you need?

Let’s get you started on the right path.

02 / Definition

Design Starts Here!

From conceptual design ➔ construction documentation.

03 / Implementation

Let’s put it all together.

Can we build it? Yes we can!

The Latest…

You’ve visited countless spaces – some for lease and some for sale. You’ve poured over sales sheets and compared costs. You’ve done the research and have decided to buy or lease some new office space. Are you sure you’re ready to sign?

Hint: They’ve taken the workshop with JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE  for teachers, school groups or others interested in understanding the process of architecture.

Sharing ideas and speaking on panels is an important way to contribute to the betterment of our architectural community. Even more important than public speaking is public listening.

A well organized competition can raise the level of design propositions for projects.

The Value of Early Design Exploration

Are you seated comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Regardless of the size or type of project, getting started on the right path early in your project process will save you time and money giving you a better result.

The nature of today’s consulting practice with increasing technology and reporting requirements means many architects won’t be able to work with you as closely as they would like to resulting in fewer opportunities to influence your architectural project.

A lack of communication will be the greatest risk to the success of your project.

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE’s experience in the collaborative and deadline focused world of theatrical and film production will ensure the success of your project.

Architecture is hard. JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE is here to help.

Start With an Options Review

An Options Review is our chance to talk about your project goals and identify risks you may encounter. After this free 20 minute call we are able to move into the Options Analysis.

An Options Analysis examines a project’s viability to determine the preferred course of action and ensures all your requirements and expectations are clearly identified.

An Options Analysis will often examine the choice between the Status Quo, Renovation or New Construction, and review risk factors relevant to the type of project. How detailed you make the Options Analysis is up to you, but the more detail developed at the very front end of a project, the fewer surprises you will find as you move into design & construction.

The last thing you want is to commission a $75,000 feasibility study that recommends a $40 million facility when you know you can really only confidently raise $10 million. It is very difficult to go back to the funders for a new study.

Book a 20 minute call about your project to learn:

☑ The steps to clearly identify, define and implement your project
☑ How to organize your internal team and consultants for success
☑ The top 3 moments in the process where you can lose control of your project (and how to avoid them)

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The JCRA Approach

We will follow this process for every project no matter what size or use. Whether it’s a 16,000 sq ft office, or a 200 sq ft extension — your project matters and requires all the attention it deserves.

1. IDENTIFICATION – What Do You Need & Why?
2. DEFINITION – The Design Phase
3. IMPLEMENATION – The Construction Phase

01 / Project Identification

Let’s figure out what you need.

I have an idea for a project…

.1 / Why?

It starts with why…

You know the answer intuitively, but identifying your why brings you clarity when making project decisions. The format to answer the question is:

We need a [blank] so that [blank].

We need a new carpentry shop so that we can build our own sets.

.2 / What?

What do we need this space to do?

What kind of activities will happen here?

We need to be able to build scenery that is 24′ tall, store material, tools, have room to paint, and load out the completed set.

.3 / How Much?

How much will this cost me?

At this stage of the project we can use regional data for square foot construction costs and a multiplier to estimate additional project costs.

5,000 sq ft building x $250 / sq ft x permits, fees & administration @ 1.5X multiplier = $1.875 million

.4 / Can we do this?

Is my project feasible?

With the important questions answered we can now explore the project feasibility or viability study through a proper analysis that examines construction options, risks to the project and variable costs.

You’re on your way!

02 / Project Definition

Let’s design your new space

This really is the fun part…

.1 / Assemble your team

Let’s find everyone a seat on the bus…

Let’s assemble a team that will give us the greatest chance of success. We need to decide who holds a contract with whom, what kind of specialist consultants we need, and what kind of construction delivery model we will use.

.2 / Concept Design

What are we building…?

This is where we spread the net wide and develop concepts that support your requirements. This is a critical stage where we need good dialogue, collaboration, and innovative thinking.

.3 / Detail Design

How will we build it…?

In a traditional practice method this stage is known as Design Development. It’s the stage where we nail down materials, dimensions, and construction descriptions.

.4 / Contract Documents

Construction drawings.

Here we put the design information into drawings and specifications so our builders can give us a fair price for labour and materials.

These construction drawings and specifications become our contract documents.

It’s time to build!

03 / Project Implementation

Let’s put it all together

We’re creating your new space!

.1 / The construction contract

Who is building it and how they’re being paid

We determined at the earliest stage of identification how you wanted to procure your construction. Now is the time to sign on the bottom line to get this moving.

Tender & Bids

.2 / Contract Administration

RFIs, SIs, & PCNs – oh my!

There will always be questions during the course of construction that come in the form of a Request for Information (RFI).

The response can come in the form of a Supplemental Instruction (SI) at no cost or a Proposed Change Notice (PCN) which will change the value of the construction contract.

.3 / Construction Reviews

How is it all going?

The role of the professional during construction is to review the work for conformance with the design intention. This is done through the review of manufacturer submittals and site visits.

It’s the responsibility of the contractor to “approve“ submittals and confirm they work on site.

.4 / Occupancy

Substantial Completion

Through the administration of the contract, the architect verifies the value of the work as invoiced by the contractor and issues a Certificate for Payment. Each invoice has a holdback that is held in trust until the contractor has achieved Substantial Completion and you can occupy your new space.


Download a FREE Project Planning Pack to Get You Started

The #1 cause of budget over runs is rushing to the design phase before completing research and analysis. This is like a doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful, massively expensive and unnecessary.

The solution is successful planning. This is why we created the Project Planning Pack.

Here’s what you get:

☑ A Project Process Map that shows you the steps we’ll take from pre-design to occupancy
☑ ​Costs guide worksheet that gives you a ballpark cost estimate for your project
☑ ​Project specific worksheets for key tasks
☑ ​FREE 30-minute consultation with an expert to answer your questions about process and funding opportunities

Request your FREE Project Planning Pack Today

What clients are saying…

Barkley Engel, CEO
Turning Leaf Support Services

We Couldn’t Be Happier

Jason’s design process started by engaging our team in a series of discovery meetings wherein everyone on the team voiced their hopes and ideas for the new space. Jason adroitly incorporated all of these ideas in the design truly making it feel professional, innovative and functional. His engagement with us amplified our team’s cohesion, joined us in a shared vision of the company’s future and gave us a new home. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with JC Robbins Architecture.

Crucial to our Success

It was wonderful working with Jason, his knowledge, professionalism and clear understanding of the specific challenges of our organizational projects was invaluable. His ability to speak on our behalf about our needs and protecting our interests was crucial for us. I highly recommend Jason to whomever wishes to engage him.

Andre Lewis, Artistic Director & CEO
Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Daniel Melendez, President
Lola Construction Management
White Label Homes

Professional & Collaborative

Jason is a very professional, collaborative and solution orientated architect. As construction managers, we value this as we view construction projects as a team effort.

Ready to begin?

Book a 30 minute call about your project to learn:

☑ The steps to clearly identify, define and implement your project
☑ How to organize your internal team and consultants for success
☑ The top 3 moments in the process where you can lose control of your project (and how to avoid them)

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