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Drawing review checklist with a keyboard, 2 MUJI pens and a cup of coffee
⇩ Checklists make the project go round.
There is so much detail and information involved in an architectural project, it's important to keep your information together through a Quality Management process.
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Stack of 2 hard copies of A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of an Architect.
⇩ A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of an Architect.
A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of an Architect 2019 Edition is developed by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada to support clients and architects in identifying the scope of architectural services and determining appropriate fees for those professional services to support a fair exchange of value in establishing appropriate fees for an architect’s professional services.


Things you may need...

Resources for planning your architectural project.

The Whole Building Design Guide is a pretty amazing resource. In their words:

The National Institute of Building Sciences developed the WBDG-Whole Building Design Guide to foster communication and knowledge-sharing among federal, industry and academic partners to advance high-performing facilities.

Fee Calculator...

Design fees can be estimated as a percentage of construction costs. This may seem like it favours the architect unfairly because we can earn more fee if the budget is high. In practice, it is a good system to estimate the amount of time and the size of team required for the project.

Read more about fees.

Project Size: 20000 sq ft ◂ smaller | larger ▸
Construction Cost: $ 300 / sq ft ◂ $ | $$$$ ▸
Construction Budget = $

Design fees in the RAIC Fee Guide range depending on project complexity. Some buildings are simple, while others have a complexity introduced by their size, program or location. Design fees shown include both architecture and engineering.

For example:

  • A 2,500 sq ft house built for $250/ sq ft would have a 17.5% Design Fee
  • A 20,000 sq ft community center built for $160/ sq ft would have a 10.75% Design Fee
  • A 12,000 sq ft theatre built for $350/ sq ft would have a 12.75% Design Fee

Use the Design Fee slider below to get an estimate of potential design fees for your project.

Design Fee: 11.5% ◂ simple | complex ▸
Design Fees = $

Projects are divided into hard costs and soft costs. Hard costs include expenses directly related to the physical construction of a building. Soft costs include expenses indirectly related to construction of a building including design fees, administration, permits, etc.

The more reporting that is required from your organization will typically mean a higher overhead multiplier. The overhead multiplier range here is 1.2 to 1.8. Once you've determined your construction budget, you can calculate your projected total costs.

Overhead Multiplier: 1.5 ◂ administration requirements ▸
Total Project Cost = $

Quality Control & Assurance

To help ensure drawings are complete, and missing components are communicated to your team I created a Quality Control Checklist. You can download the complete set here: https://gum.co/hSts

Download the sample page for free!

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