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Interior rendering of Turning Leafs new offices.
⇩ Turning Leaf Offices @ 565 Roseberry.
The new offices for turning leaf will be located in the old National School Studios Office & Plant. Over the years, the space has seen many different occupants, but it's followed a similar pattern with offices in the front of the building and a warehouse or plant in the rear. For this project we are inserting an open second floor in the warehouse area to create an interactive and collaborative workspace.
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Close up of Air Traffic Control tower cab
⇩ Air Traffic Control Tower at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia.
This nine-storey air traffic control tower is located in Greenwood, Nova Scotia at 14 Wing. The tower includes air, ground, and radar control, as well as administrative and training functions.
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Kinky Boots pre-show at the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall
⇩ Pre-show at the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall.
The Concert Hall is one of my favourite theatres in Canada both as a place to work and as an audience member. The expansive stagehouse with ample wing space and a tall fly tower allow most contemporary touring shows to visit.
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A little girl climbing some stairs up a hill
⇩ Skogskyrkogården (Woodland Cemetery) outside Stockholm, Sweden.
The cemetery was designed by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. Rather than the formal graveyards that we're used to in North America, the Woodland Cemetery is laid out amongst the forest. The stairs shown lead to a meditation hill surrounded by trees.
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Animated schematic image of a fighter plane engine removal
⇩ Schematic rendering of a fighter jet engine removal.
There are standards for fixed obstructions based on aircraft wingspan, fuselage length and tail height. However, it's easy to miss aspects of aircraft maintenance during the planning stages. This process included the Aircraft Maintenance Chief and was effective in communicating space requirements.

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Architecture is hard. JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE is here to help. Procuring real property — "buying architecture" — is complicated. It's not like buying equipment or a new car – it's customized for your unique requirements. Let JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE be your guide.

Over the decades, architects have worked hard to turn architecture into a "machine for living" to standardize processes and make it simpler to understand and appreciate the value of architecture. However, no matter how hard we try, architecture cannot be standardized. Every project has its unique challenges. Even pre-fabricated construction has bespoke qualities adapted to suit the specific situation. There are few words in the English language that sound as expensive as "bespoke".

The value of using an architect early in your project (sometimes even before you have a project) is immense. As architects, we're trained to see the big picture – especially as it relates to people. Our engineering colleagues work with readily understood systems: beams & columns, lights & plugs, or heating & cooling. Architectural systems combine all these systems and prioritize the human experience in the space.

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