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2 people drawing with graphite.
⇩ Intro to architecture for teachers - drawing.
This workshop was for the Manitoba SAGE day where teachers would participate in a variety of professional development sessions. This particular workshop lead a group of teachers through the process of design including massing with clay models and graphite drawing.
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Clay architectural model
⇩ Intro to architecture for teachers - clay model.
Pictured is a clay model created by one of the teachers during the workshop.
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graphite drawing
⇩ Intro to architecture for teachers - graphite.
Pictured is a graphite drawing created by a teacher based on their clay model and landscape.
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Teachers working at a table on their designs
⇩ Intro to architecture for teachers - working hard!
The workshop took place in the school's science classroom where all the participants could observe each other's work and share their ideas.


Learning & sharing.

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE provides workshops for teachers, school groups or others interested in understanding the process of architecutre.

Architecture is a fairly esoteric profession. It takes a significant amount of training and time to become a licensed architect. We have a duty to protect the public, so it's no wonder we want to protect ourselves as well. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for people to understand the value of architecture and what architects can bring to a process.

By offering these workshops and presentations, the goal is to engage people in the process of design so they see the value. When people understand the design process they become better clients. It's no coincidence that good clients have the best architecture.

If you're interested in more information about design workshops, contact JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE office@jcrobbinsarchitecture.com.

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Downloadable worksheets for teaching units on structures and design...