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4 people on a stage talking about the business of architecture
⇩ The Business of Architecture Panel.
This panel is from 2015 at the AIBC conference in Vancouver, BC. It was exploring the Business of Architecture. We discussed specialization and advocacy.
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Image of an online presentation with 6 panelists.
⇩ Canadian Urban Institute Main Streets Panel
Joining CUI host Mary W. Rowe for our ongoing series of candid conversations – How can we leverage the power of design and engagement to make better main streets? – are Anjuli Solanki, Program Director of The STEPS Initiative; Jason Robbins, Principal Architect at JC Robbins Architecture and 1st Vice President of the RAIC Board; Devin Segal, Director of Landscape Architecture at Fathom Studio; Mitchell Reardon, Experiments, Urban Planning & Design Lead at The Happy City; and Mark Lakeman, Founder of City Repair.
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3 people on a stage talking about the future of design organizations.
⇩ The Future of Design Organizations Panel.
Chicago! I had the privilege of participating on a panel at the Design Matters conference with the Association of Architectural Organizations (AAO) with Caroline Baumann of the Cooper Hewitt, Dinu Bumbaru from Heritage Montreal, and moderated by Mary Rowe of the Municipal Art Society of New York. The topic was the future of design organizations. I was repping little ole Winnipeg and Storefront Manitoba.
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Two handsome men talking about architecture while eating lunch
⇩ Lunch with the incomparable Gus Da Roza!
One of my favourite things about giving talks or sitting on panels, or even organizing them for others, is getting to talk to some amazing architects with amazing ideas. Here is lunch in Vancouver with Gus Da Roza. He's giving me a hard time for not having a business card with me!!!
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standing behind a podium with a large image of yellow fabric frames for Cool Gardens
⇩ 10x10x20 Presentation at the Winnipeg Design Festival
I actually rehearsed. It's like a Pecha Kucha - Winnipeg style. It was about me, but not about me. My favourite part was the comment after, "You're actually pretty funny."

Public Speaking

People are more afraid of public speaking than dying

Sharing ideas and speaking on panels is an important way to contribute to the betterment of our architectural community. Even more important than public speaking is public listening.

I've had the absolute pleasure of presenting to a variety of groups through conference workshops, but also two times as a panelist (Vancouver & Chicago) and even as the keynote speaker at the Nova Scotia Association of Architects annual conference in Halifax. Lately speaking opportunities are through Zoom. While the platform is limiting in its total engagement, it does allow groups to bring in a more diverse range of speakers as they're not paying for travel costs.

speaking engagements

Contact JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE office@jcrobbinsarchitecture.com for more discussions about public speaking.