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Imagined building from above.
⇩ A Research station in the extreme arctic.
The concept behind this building was to create a research station with living space in the extreme arctic that faced into the prevailing winds, and provide a shared community feeling.
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Imagined building section.
⇩ A Research station in the extreme arctic – Section View.
Through the section you can see the connection to the permafrost, the shared atrium space with expansive skylight, living spaces, exercise area, and cafeteria.
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Imagined building from runway
⇩ A Research station in the extreme arctic – Rendering
A view of what the building and its outbuildings might look like on the tundra.
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Animated passage of time on architectural model.
⇩ Thesis model exploring the passage of time.
Lighting and architecture has always been a fascination of mine. The Scandinavian concept of Light & Air is particularly intriguing in our northern climate and limited winter light. The corollary and antithesis of this of course is shadow and mass in architecture. You can't have one without the other.
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double exposed image of houses
⇩ Halftone Multi-exposed Image of Houses.
Another interesting thing about the design process is examining existing space in a new way. This multi-exposed image of 4 houses begins to create its own form through a combination of addition and subtraction. My real interest isn't necessarily in re-examining existing spaces, but to try to understand how we might design using similar techniques.
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pinhole camera made with a pringles can
⇩ Pringles pin-hole Camera.
Playing around with light and images is great fun!


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