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Screen capture of JCRobbinsArchitecture.com
⇩ HTTPS://JCRobbinsArchitecture.com Screen capture.
This website was designed and developed to showcase my work and expertise by hand using Adobe's Dreamweaver and Photoshop. The Internet is chockfull of examples and lessons for creating your own content.
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HTML coding for JCRobbinsArchitecture.com
⇩ HTML coding for JCRobbinsArchitecture.com.
Coding a website isn't complicated, but it does require some rigour and care. When you view the source for the webpage, you notice there's a separation in all the stylesheets by their use. I find this helps de-bugging later. If you scroll to the bottom, you will find the javascript source code. Because these pages run in real-time the javascript needs to be closer to its supporting HTML.
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3 screenshots of the Manitoba Association of Architects e-Bulletin
⇩ the Manitoba Association of Architects e-Bulletin.
I've been creating the Manitoba Association of Architects e-Bulletin since 2012. Here you can see an evolution of the style over time. HTML coding for e-mail is the least consistent as there are so many different mail readers.

Website Design & Development

Do you remember netscape navigator?

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE designs and develops web sites using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, as well as data-driven pages with MySQL and PHP.

I created the JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE website by hand with Adobe Dreamweaver & Photoshop. In reality, all sites are the same: A logo, a list of links to pages on the site, some kind of hero image, the main content, and a footer. How they appear is all a result of the Style Sheet (CSS). By separating the two components, you are able to control content and appearance separately and update everything much more smoothly. It also allows a fluid design where this page appears differently on a phone than a desktop. Re-size your window to see the difference!

This is not unlike creating a wall in architecture that separates the structure from the water and thermal control layers.

If you're curious to see under the hood of this webpage try ⌘-⌥-U or ctrl-alt-U to view the page source. It is interesting to see what goes into creating a webpage.

Over the years I've designed and developed a number of websites and digital content. Most of it no longer exists as the world of webdesign is much more ethereal and temporary than the built world. I started to create a list, but it's strangely unverifiable so a bit pointless. If you're interested in website design or development, contact me and we can talk.