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Interior rendering view of a school main hallway with kids hanging out.
⇩ Manitoba Schools Initiative interior rendering – Stantec Architecture.
The Manitoba Schools Initiative was a project for 4 new schools in northern Manitoba. The theory was to achieve an economy of scale, they would all have the same design for their main building core: main hall, gym, library and cafeteria. The number of classrooms would then be adjusted based on each community's population. Stantec Architecture.
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Exterior rendering of school with kids playing out front.
⇩ Manitoba Schools Initiative Exterior Rendering – Stantec Architecture.
Each school was designed to reflect the natural conditions found in the community. Here, Bunibonibee's school is using a brick pattern reminiscent of rammed earth. Stantec Architecture.
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Line rendering of Bunibonibee school.
⇩ Manitoba Schools Initiative Cover Page – Stantec Architecture.
The schools all had low slope steel roofs and masonry walls to ensure durability. This line rendering shows the relationships of the slopes with the upper and lower walls and the generous glass in the common areas.
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Cross section drawings.
⇩ Manitoba Schools Initiative Drawing sections – Stantec Architecture.
Building sections showing the double height volumes and relationship of roof slopes. Stantec Architecture
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Working with the community at God's Lake First Nation.
⇩ Working with the community.
Engaging the community in the process of design was an important step. A project this large made it difficult to ensure everyone's voice was heard. It was in this moment I knew I would focus my practice on providing a voice to communities as an advocate architect.
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broken ice on a lake
⇩ Inspiration.
The design inspiration for the roofs came from the patterns of ice breaking and piling on each other. The low sloped roofs tied together the variety of programs within each community. Stantec Architecture.

School Architecture

I don't feel tardy...

Architecture for education follows a cyclical trend of open and collaborative spaces that become closed off due to acoustic privacy requirements for learning. While the 3 Rs are emphasized we're all learning that the most important part of education is social connection. JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE wants to be your trusted resource for your school design requirements.

Below is a list of school projects.

Manitoba Schools Initiative (Stantec, Production Architect)
The Manitoba Schools Initiative was to design four new schools and two renovations in remote Manitoba communities that are only accessible by ice road or airplane. My role in this process was to lead the Architecture and Engineering team through Design Development into Construction Documentation to Tender with a restricted budget and tight time lines. Like so many projects, we over-spent our time during schematic design working to achieve a repeatable and modular core for all four schools. Through my theatre experience I was able to bring the project back into a reasonable schedule.

North Memorial Daycare (Stantec, Architect)
The North Memorial Daycare is located in Portage la Prairie and connected to the school. Daycares have strict requirements based on population and funding. My role was to work with the design team and client to produce and coordinate the project.

Ecole Noel-Ritchot (Stantec, Architect)
Ecole Noel-Ritchot is an elementary and middle school in south Winnipeg. The project is an addition to an existing space providing two storeys. My role was to work with the design team at the 66% Construction Document phase to produce and coordinate the challenging project.

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