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CMHC housing catalogue with plan and perspective.
⇩ CMHC Housing Catalogue Design 137.
This mid-century modern home design is similar to my own. The intention behind these modern designs was to make good affordable design available to all.
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Original elevation drawing from 565 Roseberry
⇩ Original elevation drawing from 565 Roseberry.
This mid-century modern office building is an early adopter of aluminum curtain walls.
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1950s Curtain Wall Details
⇩ 1950s Curtain Wall Details.
Aluminum windows were used to provide a low maintenance modern appearance. Early aluminum windows mimicked the appearance of wood, but the Mid-Century eliminated extraneous decoration.
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Perspective drawing of a barrel vaulted aircraft hangar.
⇩ Barrel Vaulted Hangar.
During the post-war period of the mid-century there was an attempt to use minimal materials to create clear open spaces. This steel maintenance hangar uses a series of arches for a wide span of clear space.
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The Jetsons city backdrop.
⇩ The Jetsons city backdrop.
Mid-century modern architecture was an exploration into what could be the future of architecture through the lens of the space age. I find it absolutely fascinating.

mid-century modern

Just like the Jetsons.

Mid-Century Modern architecture was a response to provide good design to the masses with experimental materials, open spaces, and connecting the inside of the house with the outside.

I will admit to being a little obsessed with mid-century modern architecture. There's an experimentation of form and material that is both futuristic and archaic. Large expansive glass windows built into fieldstone walls. I find the contradiction fascinating. The promise of mid-century modern is to make good design accessible to all. MCM encapsulates the optimism and material advances after World War II.

My favourite part of mid-century design is probably the Saturn Rocket program. The Planetarium at the Manitoba Museum had a display of rockets that captured my imagination. Astronaut was definitely on my "what I want to be when I grow up list..."

For a bit of fun, check out CMHC's Small House Design Catalogues from the 1940s-1960s.

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