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Interior rendering of Turning Leafs new offices.
⇩ Air Traffic Control Tower Conceptual Model.
Shown is an early concept model of an air traffic control tower that examines the massing of the control cab at its elevation and its relationship to nearby buildings.
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Close up of Air Traffic Control tower cab
⇩ Collaborative notes with the structural engineer.
The geometry change from a square to an 18-sided control cab required effective communication with the structural engineer who happened to be located in Vancouver.
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Air traffic control tower under construction
⇩ A view of the concrete frame and shear walls.
The structural system for the air traffic control tower is concrete slabs and shear walls. The compactness of the building required special care as its center of gravity is located off-center.
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Cabinets in the control cab.
⇩ Cabinets in the control cab
The entire purpose of an air traffic control tower is to be able to visually see the airspace. There are many aerodromes that operate under remote air and ground control. Detailing the transition of the canted glass, the mechanical system, the visibility to the runway and the controllers' desks was a great challenge.
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Air Traffic Control Tower
⇩ The construction is nearly complete.
The process of designing and constructing this tower was quite unique. As an in-house DND/RCAF project it faced a number of bureaucratic obstacles, but was eventually completed. Unforturnately for me, I stopped working for the department after construction began and have not been to see the completed building.

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