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A little girl climbing some stairs up a hill
⇩ Skogskyrkogården (Woodland Cemetery) outside Stockholm, Sweden.
The cemetery was designed by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. Rather than the formal graveyards that we're used to in North America, the Woodland Cemetery is laid out amongst the forest. The stairs shown lead to a meditation hill surrounded by trees.

Advocate Architect

aka The Owner's Technical Representative

The role of the Advocate Architect is to provide support for the Owner and user-stakeholders within a complex project when there is no direct relationship between the Owner and the Consulting Architect.

Projects are becoming increasingly complicated. More voices are being added to the table - and mostly for the betterment of the project. However, as we add to the table, the architect is pulled in many directions making design decisions that affect not only the owner, but the funder, contractor, code authority, etc. Often, that means the owner & the end-users are not the priority consideration.

An advocate architect is dedicated to your best interest and works as part of the team to make sure decisions being made are best for you.


Consider hiring an advocate architect if:

If you answered YES to any of these points, Contact JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE office@jcrobbinsarchitecture.com for more information.

Advocate Architect Services:

Through the pre-design process the Advocate Architect will work with the Owner and user-stakeholders to explore options and create a clearly defined project vision and description known as the Owner’s Project Requirements that links back to the needs expressed in the business case/feasibility analysis for the project. The Owner’s project requirements are created through collaboration, critical thinking, and timely decision-making. The project vision and description will be a combination of prescriptive and performance requirements specific to the operations and priorities of the user-stakeholders.

Design Phase Services
During the Schematic Design and Design Development phases of the project, the Advocate Architect works with the Consulting Architect and design team to ensure the requirements are being met. Through the design process the Advocate Architect helps by defining and reviewing details, spaces, and illustrations with guidance from the Owner’s project requirements. It is important for the Advocate Architect to provide critical and honest advice to the Owner about the impact of any changes that occur during design.

Construction Phase Services
During the construction phase, it is the Advocate Architect’s role to provide technical observation of the construction process as well as reviews undertaken by the Consulting Architect and other consultants. The Advocate Architect will then provide input as required and report activities to the Owner to ensure prompt responses to any questions, reviews, or notices.

Still unsure what an Advocate Architect can do for you? Check out the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

For even more information check out Chapter 3.10 Appendix D of the Canadian Handbook of Practice (written by yours truly)!
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