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Front elevation of a 1950s warehouse building.
⇩ 565 Roseberry front Elevation.
The original building was designed in the 1950s for the National School Studios Office & Plant. Over the years, the space has seen many different occupants, but it's followed a similar pattern with offices in the front of the building and a warehouse or plant in the rear. The metal siding and oversized canopy is not original.
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Interior view of a storage warehouse.
⇩ 565 Roseberry interior view.
The previous use was for storing and modifying marble countertops. The original photograph processing machinery and observation mezzanine from the original building is all gone. For this project we are inserting an open second floor in the warehouse area to create an interactive and collaborative workspace.
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Winnipeg's Exchange District
⇩ The Daylight Building.
This was an exploration for an unrealized project where we examined renovating the main floor of the building for a restaurant. The code requirements are balanced through the Richardson Report which allows for alternate pathways to code compliance.

adaptive re-use

It's more than a fancy word for renovating an old building.

Adaptive re-use is more than a renovation or a nostalgic restoration. It's finding a way to reuse an existing building in a new and modern way. The most sustainable building is the one that is already built.

The Richardson Report
The Richardson Report provides building analysis for compliance with life safety provisions of the Manitoba Building Code, for the conversion of existing and heritage buildings for Residential and Business and Personal Services occupancies.

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