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4 people on a stage talking about the business of architecture
⇩ The Business of Architecture Panel.
This panel is from 2015 at the AIBC conference in Vancouver, BC. It was exploring the Business of Architecture. We discussed specialization and advocacy.
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3 people on a stage talking about the future of design organizations.
⇩ The Future of Design Organizations Panel.
Chicago! I had the privilege of participating on a panel at the Design Matters conference with the Association of Architectural Organizations (AAO) with Caroline Baumann of the Cooper Hewitt, Dinu Bumbaru from Heritage Montreal, and moderated by Mary Rowe of the Municipal Art Society of New York. The topic was the future of design organizations. I was repping little ole Winnipeg and Storefront Manitoba.
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standing behind a podium with a large image of yellow fabric frames for Cool Gardens
⇩ 10x10x20 Presentation at the Winnipeg Design Festival
I actually rehearsed. It's like a Pecha Kucha - Winnipeg style. It was about me, but not about me. My favourite part was the comment after, "You're actually pretty funny."


Things you may need to know...

Scope of Services

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE provides professional architectural services and a full Consulting Team relevant to a wide range of projects with a simplified and sustainable approach. Architecture is hard and every project is unique. From project inception to completion, JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE is able to work with owners and stakeholders to achieve the architecture that is best for their needs.

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE is licensed to practice in Manitoba. The consultant teams we utilize are comprised of qualified technical experts with experience in their relevant discipline and licensed to work in Manitoba.


Jason Robbins, Architect MAA
MRAIC, Int’l Assoc AIA, RIBA, Member CITT

Jason Robbins is passionate about architecture. He is Principal Architect at JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE, an advocate architecture practice with a specialty in preliminary project planning and owner support during the architectural process for non-profit groups. JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE values design, collaboration, and innovation. Jason communicates with a "yes, and..." mindset.

"Architecture … is life itself taking form and … is the truest record of life as it was lived in the world yesterday, as it is lived today or ever will be lived." – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Jason Robbins is the Vice President of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the President of the Gas Station Performing Arts Centre board. He is also a founding board member and past Chair of Storefront Manitoba, a non-profit organization that advances public awareness and the appreciation of architecture, design and the built environment in Manitoba.

Jason trained in theatrical design & production, starting his career drawing lighting and audio rigs for touring broadway musicals. He had a 10 year career in theatre and film as a journeyman in the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 63 before going to architecture school. In his spare time, Jason enjoys the sport of fencing, cooking, and constant learning.

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Image of Jason Robbins taken at Central Park.




JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE affirms the importance of good design. In the business of architecture, and the world of construction, design can often be overlooked, or pushed to the side as too expensive. Good design is a result of a clarity of vision achieved through collaboration and dialogue, so everyone understands the goal and implications of decisions.


Collaboration occurs through a dialogue between designer & owner, and it continues with the building's users, the expertise of other design consultants, and constructors. Collaboration is an imperative in good design. A traditional process will have a designer provide the client with 3 or more options. Pick the least bad. A collaborative process brings the client along as a partner and arrives at a single solution that saves everyone time and money.


Dialogue is a conversation between two or more characters - an exchange of ideas and opinions. Often, the process of design is a monologue without communication. Great architecture is achieved through early conversation & communication about what your requirements are, and active listening between us reinforcing a clear understanding of how to create your best architecture. JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE follows the rules of improv: Always say "Yes, and..." never "No, but...".


Through our collaboration and dialogue, we can begin to be innovative. Innovation isn't always about invention. More often it's about arriving at a really great solution to a design problem or situation. Innovation comes from understanding the requirements of the building, and the needs of its users. Innovation is about action and movement, not objects and stasis. Good architecture provides an entrance. Great architecture provides a way to enter. Through Collaboration & Dialogue, we can more clearly understand the requirements and then apply them to our architecture. It is nuanced, but it is important.

The Consulting Team

JC ROBBINS ARCHITECTURE has the distinct pleasure of the company of some great consultants.


More questions? Send us an email with your prefered method of contact and we'll figure it out together: office@jcrobbinsarchitecture.com